5 Greatest Live Performances Of Gregg Allman

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Gregg Allman was the genius behind classic songs like “Whipping Post,” “Melissa,” and “Midnight Rider,” and he was also a spellbinding performer. Live concerts by Allman were more than just shows; they were life-changing occasions that displayed his unequaled musical talent. We pay tribute to the ongoing legacy of a genuine musical icon, whose passion and talent continue to motivate future generations as we relive these spellbinding moments.

Midnight Rider (Live)

Gregg Allman’s performance of “Midnight Rider” at the same outstanding local performance is nothing short of breathtaking. He takes on the hit with unflinching confidence and outperforms even the greatest with his tremendous talent and stage presence.

Dreams (Live At Beacon Theatre, 2013)

Ten years later, Gregg Allman performs the Allman Brothers Band’s iconic tune, “Dreams,” on the revered grounds of the Beacon Theatre, mesmerizing audiences once again. He commands attention even from behind the piano, and the words he speaks have a strong impact on the music as it develops.

Whipping Post (Live)

Gregg Allman performs a special local concert at The Grand Opera House in Macon, Georgia, where he delights the crowd with hits like “Whipping Post.” Allman’s vocals are as fiery and gritty as ever, maintaining true to the core of the song that initially mesmerized listeners during his Allman Brothers Band days. The iconic piece is given a jazz-infused twist with the addition of a horn section.

Melissa (Live At Beacon Theatre, 2003)

At the Beacon Theatre, catch the magic as Gregg Allman performs a breathtaking version of the Allman Brothers Band classic “Melissa.” He gives this classic song fresh life with flawless accuracy, mesmerizing the audience.

Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ (Live At The Fillmore East, 1970)

Allow Gregg Allman to transport you to the Fillmore East in 1970 as he gives “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin'” everything of his heart. He guides the Allman Brothers Band into an addictive Southern rock jam that enthralls the crowd from beginning to end as his fingers dance across the piano keys.


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