Ace Frehley On Rumors About KISS Using Backing Tracks Due To Paul Stanley

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Ace Frehley, former guitarist of Kiss, recently discussed the ongoing rumors about Paul Stanley, his ex-bandmate, using backing vocals in an interview with Sonic Perspectives.

Frehley commented on Stanley’s vocal prowess, mentioning how in the 70s, Stanley often sang at the upper limits of his range, which although impressive, might not have been considered for long-term sustainability of the band. He labeled the situation as ‘unfortunate,’ especially given Stanley’s age and past throat surgery in 2009, which apparently did not yield the desired results.

Stanley, who is only about six months younger than Frehley, faced various health challenges, including two hip replacement surgeries and a significant operation on his vocal cords in 2011. Although the surgery was deemed successful and Stanley returned to performing, fans noticed a change in his voice, sparking concerns about his vocal capabilities.

Rumors intensified in June 2022 when a video from a concert in Antwerp, Belgium, appeared to show Stanley’s vocals continuing over the PA system even as he stepped away from the microphone. This incident fueled speculation about Kiss using backing tracks during live performances. In response, Kiss manager Doc McGhee addressed these claims, acknowledging the use of backing tracks in concerts to ‘enhance’ the live experience, but reassured fans that Stanley indeed sings live.

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