Alice Cooper Vows To Keep Rocking Until 90

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In the ever-evolving landscape of rock music, Alice Cooper emerges as an enduring icon, challenging the constraints of time with his unyielding spirit. At the venerable age of 75, this venerated figure in shock rock boldly proclaims his aversion to retirement, embodying an unwavering commitment to his art.

In a candid discussion with Rock Candy Magazine, Cooper reveals his resolution to persist in his musical journey, citing Mick Jagger, the age-defying frontman of The Rolling Stones, as a source of inspiration.

Amidst a generation of peers stepping away from the limelight, Cooper stands resolute. He recounts an enlightening conversation with Gene Simmons of KISS, contrasting Simmons’ decision to conclude their musical chapter with his own relentless drive.

Cooper, feeling vigorous and buoyed by the exceptional performance of his band, envisions himself captivating audiences even at 90, should his health permit.

His philosophy transcends conventional views on aging, as he looks to Jagger’s remarkable stamina and showmanship in advanced years as a paradigm of enduring passion and skill.

The recent release of his album “Road” further cements Cooper’s creative vitality and devotion to his craft. He lauds his band – comprising gifted artists like Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric, Tommy Henrikson, Glen Sobel, and Nita Strauss – for their integral role in the album’s fruition, emphasizing their synergy and innovation in both live performances and new compositions.

Alice Cooper’s steadfast dedication to music and his fans illuminates his journey. Defying the notion of retirement, his stance is more than a musical commitment; it is a reflection of the resilient, passionate spirit that defines the essence of true artistry.

As long as the rhythms flow and the audience’s enthusiasm endures, Alice Cooper promises to be a fixture on the stage, exemplifying that the vibrant spirit of rock and roll knows no age.


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