Axl Rose’s Real Reason For Canceling GN’R Shows Is Revealed By Slash’s Girlfriend

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Guns N’ Roses recently called off their St. Louis concert set for September 9. The word around town is that it was due to “illness.” However, whispers among fans hinted at other reasons for the pullout.

Meegan Hodges, Slash’s partner, took to her Instagram to clear the air. In a story, she highlighted that someone in the band is genuinely unwell.

She stated, “It’s true. One of our members is under the weather and can’t perform. It’s not some grand conspiracy. We’re rescheduling the show to November. It’s unfortunate for everyone involved. They’re used to performing marathon sets, often lasting over 3 hours. They’re practically superhuman on stage. But they’re also human off it. Health comes first. Let’s send them positive vibes.”

The rumor mill had started on Reddit, where a post (now removed) suggested Axl was displeased with ticket sales – apparently, only 25,000 of the 40,000 tickets had been sold. To address this and other murmurs, the band released an official statement, and Axl Rose tweeted an apology to their fans.

For those who’ve already secured their tickets, they remain valid for the November show. If any fans can’t make it, they’ll receive a refund. As for Guns N’ Roses, they’re continuing their tour, and as of now, all other concerts are set to proceed as scheduled.



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