Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Responds To Fake News About His ‘Weird’ Cereal Habits

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Breaking news: Tom DeLonge, the frontman of Blink-182,

found himself at the center of a quirky rumor claiming he prefers cereal with water instead of milk. However, DeLonge swiftly debunked this misconception on Instagram by sharing a screenshot of the rumor’s origin and addressing it directly.

In his Instagram post, DeLonge expressed disbelief over the rumor, emphasizing his adherence to traditional cereal preparation methods akin to those used by everyone’s mom. He demanded a retraction of the false information, playfully asserting that the rumor suggested he lacked basic cereal-making skills.

The response from fans was mixed, with over 350 comments flooding the post. Many fans humorously admitted they almost fell for the absurd cereal anecdote. One fan jokingly remarked, “When you think you know someone,” while another playfully referenced Mark Hoppus, suggesting the unusual cereal choice might be more fitting for his bandmate.

Interestingly, a fan pointed out that the rumor originated from an MTV show where Mark Hoppus mentioned using water instead of milk for cereal, prompting skepticism about DeLonge’s denial. Some fans even requested DeLonge to share his actual cereal recipe, adding a touch of lighthearted banter to the discussion.

In conclusion, Tom DeLonge’s response not only cleared up the cereal confusion but also sparked amusing interactions among fans, highlighting the humorous side of celebrity debunking on social media.

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