Bret Michaels Shares His Tactic To Engage Poison Fans At Concerts

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In a candid interview for the A&E Biography series, ‘Biography: Bret Michaels,’ Bret Michaels revealed some of his tactics for engaging with Poison fans during concerts.

Initially, Poison drummer Rikki Rockett recalled one of Michaels’ strategies:

“Bret always liked to set up about 20 beers on the riser. If people weren’t coming up front, we’d tease them, saying, ‘Come on up, get a drink.’”

Michaels elaborated on his approach, noting conversations he had directly from the stage with venue staff:

“I literally had these conversations while performing.”

Rockett chimed in to explain how the tactic worked:

“People would come up front for the drink offer, and once they were there, they stayed. It created a great atmosphere.”

Michaels added his perspective:

“Eventually, you have people saying, ‘This is great.’ Whether it was the buzz from the drinks or their genuine love for the music, I didn’t mind.”

Looking forward to his upcoming concerts, Michaels expressed enthusiasm. He recently announced a show with Vince Neil for September 19 at the Yaamava Theater in Southern California:

“We’re heading to Highland for my first show there, alongside my good friend Vince Neil. It’s all about delivering the best of Mötley Crüe and Poison hits—no filler, just killer. Get ready to rock!”

Additionally, Michaels shared plans for another exciting event in Ontario, Canada, on July 19, featuring Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Steven Augeri, former lead singer of Journey.

However, Michaels disclosed earlier this year that he will be taking a break from performing in 2025 due to recent health challenges, though he assured fans he would update them on any developments.

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