Brian May Confirms Fans Are Banned To Share Queen Videos

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The recent situation involving Queen’s concerts with Adam Lambert has raised concerns among fans and band members alike. Universal and YouTube have been issuing copyright strikes to fans sharing videos of these concerts.

Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, addressed this on Instagram, expressing his concern and stating that the decision to remove videos did not come from the band. He advised fans to be cautious and apologized for the inconvenience, also sharing his thoughts on the Christmas season and encouraging kindness and joy.

The issue was highlighted in a fan post that May shared, warning others about the risk of getting strikes from Universal and YouTube for posting concert videos. The post advised caution to avoid channel suspension. This move by Universal is surprising, as copyright owners typically don’t aggressively pursue fan-made videos, which often help maintain engagement with the artist’s work. The specific reasons behind Universal’s actions are unclear.

Regarding Queen’s tour with Adam Lambert, the ‘Rhapsody Tour’ began in October 2023 and concluded in November in Los Angeles. Dates for 2024 have been announced, with hints that these might be the band’s final performances.

Roger Taylor, the band’s drummer, expressed excitement for returning to Japan in 2024, acknowledging the country’s special place in their hearts and hinting it might be their last time touring there.

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