Brian May Reveals His ‘Rich Sugar Daddy’

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Queen guitarist Brian May once owned a Les Paul Deluxe guitar that was gifted to him by a wealthy fan.

May is famously known for his iconic Red Special guitar, but during the 80s, he also used a Flying V and a Les Paul Deluxe as backup guitars.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, May shared the story behind the Les Paul Deluxe. He said:

“I had a Les Paul Deluxe for a long time; it’s a long story, but sort of a rich sugar daddy of a fan gave it to me. I used it for a while. It was a beautiful instrument, but it was never quite right for my gear.”

When asked what eventually happened to the guitar, he replied:

“So eventually, [since] I always felt I wasn’t deserving of having been the recipient of it for nothing, and having received it for nothing, I gave it away. It now has a nice home, a secret home with somebody else.”

A New Version of the Red Special in the Works

May’s Red Special, which he designed with his father, has been his signature instrument throughout his career. In the same interview, May hinted at exciting news for Red Special fans: he’s in talks with Gibson about creating a US version of the guitar.

May mentioned that the Red Special might soon be made in the USA, potentially as a detailed replica produced by Gibson Custom Shop’s Murphy Lab. He said:

“It’s not out of the question. We have spoken about such things, and it would be lovely to have an edition of the Brian May guitar based in the States. After all, that’s where I started with Guild.”

More details are expected to be revealed soon.

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