Dave Mustaine Regrets Punching James Hetfield In Early Metallica Days

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Every one of us has regret certain actions from our past be it a superstar or anyone else. Similarly, the thrash metal band Megadeth’s co-founder and lead vocalist has revealed that he regrets one of his past actions. Talking about his action he even said that it was a dumb thing to do.

This is known to everyone that Mustaine was an alcoholic and excessively aggressive. It is also known to all that Mustaine used to be one of the members of the famous heavy metal band Metallica however, he was expelled from the band back in 1983. Mustaine had a feud with both James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.

Dave Mustaine regrets punching James Hetfield

So what does it have to do with Mustaine’s regret? well, he had a feud with Hetfield and he even punched James in the face once. Mustaine was in a fan Q&A video with Revolver where he was answering various fan questions and he also talked about the viral video of James Hetfield at Metallica’s concert where James was going through a rough patch and later on the bandmates went to hug him. Talking about the video Mustaine said,

“I saw the thing with James on stage where he was saying that he was going through a rough patch, I was sad to see that because it’s been one of those really weird love-hate relationships. And the whole reason that I ever even pursued any of this was I really liked those guys.” He further added, “If I didn’t like them I would just say, F**king flush the toilet and be done with it. He’s always been somebody that I really liked playing with. I wished things wouldn’t have ended the way that they did, but que será, será [what will be, will be].”

He went on more and said, “It was a dumb thing that I did by taking my dog up to practice, and it was even dumber to punch [James]. I really respect him, and I respect his playing, and I hope he knows that there are a lot of people out there, like me, that like him as a person and don’t give two f**ks about him being in Metallica.”

Mustaine also claims that punching James led Metallica to fire him from the band. Allegedly Mustaine brought his dog to band practice and his dog scratched Ron McGovney’s (Metallica’s bass guitarist) car door paint. Seeing that James kicked Mustaine’s dog and it raged Mustaine so he punched James in the face.

However, firing him was a good thing because if he was in Metallica then we would not have witnessed the legendary metal band Megadeth. After he was fired from Metallica, Mustaine formed Megadeth back in 1983. And although he had a feud with Hetfield however, now he has moved on and does not have any grudge against James, and they both loves and care for each other.

Moreover, Mustaine also wishes and hopes to collaborate with James once again someday. He said, “I have been secretly hoping there’d be a day where James [Hetfield] and I can write together again.”

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