David Gilmour announces new release

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David Gilmour enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The renowned Pink Floyd string maestro is about to unveil a rejuvenated musical journey.

But, it’s not an entirely fresh palette. Collaborating once more with the ethereal soundscape crafters, The Orb, David Gilmour presents ‘Metallica Spheres in Color’, a re-envisioned take on their 2010 shared masterpiece.

Diving into the inspiration behind this reimagining, Youth, the creative force steering the project, shed light in an Ultimate Classic Rock press release.

“Originally, we envisioned Alex Paterson [the heartbeat of The Orb] playing a bolder role, conjuring a soundscape reminiscent of Blade Runner dancing with ‘Wish You Were Here’.

So, a thought arose: why not rework it, infusing The Orb’s iconic aura? The outcome? A musical narrative that feels refreshingly novel.”

A decade ago, ‘Metallic Spheres’ saw David Gilmour’s soulful guitar riffs, ethereal vocals, and poetic verses merge with The Orb’s ambient electronica.

This fusion birthed two sonic canvases, namely ‘Metallic’ and ‘Spheres’, each unfolding in five acts.

Fast forward to 2023, ‘Metallica Spheres in Color’ echoes a kindred spirit but treads new sonic avenues, featuring two suites named “Round” and “Flat”. Eager listeners can get a taste through the tantalizing “Movement 1” teaser.

Gear up, as this sonic spectacle unveils on 29th September. And for those itching to secure their copy, pre-orders are up and running, with the album set to resonate in diverse mediums: from classic vinyl LP and CD to the immersive Dolby Atmos digital surround experience.

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