DEE SNIDER: Wrestler MICK FOLEY Inspired Me To Be A Charitable Human Being

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Dee Snider recently appeared on “Side Jams with Bryan Reesman” to discuss his journey into charitable work, the causes and organizations he supports, and his desire to inspire others to get involved. The TWISTED SISTER frontman also shared the challenges he faced in raising money and awareness for the Station Family Fund, which began through a personal connection.

“Mick Foley, the wrestler — Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and all those characters — he and I became very good friends,” Snider recounted on “Side Jams.” “We lived near each other on Long Island, and we connected. Mick does an insane amount of charity work without making a big deal about it. It’s amazing. The man is married with three or four kids, and in his spare time, he would knock on doors and visit kids with cancer who were fans of his, just to hang out and watch TV with them. One day, he called me and said, ‘I’m visiting a kid in the hospital with leukemia who’s a big fan of yours. Would you come with me?’ So I went, and seeing the joy it brought the kid was incredibly moving. When Mick drove me home, I told him, ‘Mick, you made me a better man today.’ I was so shaken. I thought to myself, ‘Look at what Mick does, and look at what you don’t do.’ It was in the early 2000s when I realized I needed to do more. I needed to give back and say yes, not just send a guitar. All celebrities get these opportunities to help, and most of us just send an autographed picture or something. Thank you, Mick Foley, for waking me up and showing me that we can help and need to do more.”

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