Duff McKagan Responds To Concerns Regarding Axl Rose’s Voice

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Duff McKagan, the bassist for Guns N’ Roses, recently spoke with Heavy Music about the band’s extensive live performances, often lasting three and a half hours. He highlighted Axl Rose’s dedication to delivering comprehensive shows and the band’s commitment to their fans. McKagan remarked on the challenge of deciding which songs to exclude for shorter performances, noting the physical toll of their lengthy concerts but also acknowledging the audience’s enjoyment.

He praised Axl Rose’s resilience, mentioning that they only had to cancel one show in Glasgow due to vocal issues. He emphasized Rose’s determination to perform despite medical advice, showcasing his dedication.

Slash, the band’s guitarist, also spoke highly of Axl Rose during an appearance on Revolver’s ‘Fan First’. He commended Rose’s unique vocal style and emotional depth, recalling the impact it had on him when they first started playing together.

Slash noted that Rose’s voice brought a new level of emotion and energy to their songs, differentiating him from other singers he had worked with.

In 2022, following two shows in Tottenham, England, Rose experienced vocal strain and adjusted his singing style. However, the band had to cancel their Glasgow show due to his vocal issues. Rose thanked fans for their support and mentioned working with a vocal coach and addressing sound problems. He emphasized the band’s focus on delivering their best to the fans and promised to return with a great show in Munich.

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