Eloy Casagrande Reacts To Sepultura Fans’ Backlash For Joining Slipknot

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In a recent interview with Red Maggotz, Eloy Casagrande opened up about the backlash he faced from Sepultura fans after leaving the band to join Slipknot.

When asked if anyone opposed his decision to join Slipknot, Casagrande responded:

“Yes, of course, a lot of people contested me. A lot of people didn’t like my decision, especially Sepultura fans, all the fans that came with me during the Sepultura era. Sepultura has a brilliant career. It’s been years since they created the band. So yeah, a lot of people didn’t like my decision but everybody has their preferences, their tastes.”

Eloy acknowledged that not everyone is a fan of Slipknot’s music:

“Some people like Sepultura. Some people don’t like Slipknot. Some people like pizza. Some people like hamburgers. Some people like pepperoni pizza. Some people like cheese pizza. So it’s kind of like that. People like to say out loud their preferences. It was a choice of mine. I did it for myself and yeah, a lot of people didn’t like my decision but the people that matter to me got on my side.”

He further elaborated on his initial thoughts about joining Slipknot:

“My wife, my mother, my close friends. It was a fully conscious decision. I knew all the consequences about that. But yeah, a bunch of other people didn’t like my decision at all but when I met the guys and we spent 10 days together, being there with them was always very professional, very objective, and focused. Slipknot is a big company.”

Slipknot Fans’ Reaction To Eloy

Casagrande joined Slipknot after Jay Weinberg’s departure. While some Sepultura fans were upset with him, many Slipknot fans appreciated his performance. After his first big festival show on April 27 at Sick New World, one fan commented:

“Jay fanboys are gonna hate this – but Eloy is a much better fit.”

“I like Jay but he’s not even close to being on Eloy’s level.”“Eloy made me get back to Slipknot after 10 years.”

Casagrande has also started contributing to Slipknot’s songwriting process. Last month, guitarist Jim Root revealed that Eloy had sent him some demos to work on.

You can watch Casagrande’s full interview below.

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