Geddy Lee discusses the most underrated bass player in rock

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Geddy Lee, renowned for his mastery of the bass guitar in the iconic rock band Rush, has delved deeply into the instrument’s potential. His journey began with influences from Chris Squire and John Entwistle, leading him to develop his distinct style. Lee, known for crafting solid hooks, recognized a historically underappreciated bass guitarist.

Initially seen as secondary to the guitar, the bass gained prominence through artists like Paul McCartney and Jack Bruce. However, it was Lee’s innovative approach in a trio setting that redefined the bassist’s role, often playing lines typical of a lead guitar. This was evident alongside Alex Lifeson’s lead guitar in Rush, particularly in pieces like ‘La Villa Strangiato’.

Lee’s early interest in rock led him to the blues and psychedelic sounds, notably Jefferson Airplane, a key player in the Summer of Love. While Grace Slick was the face of the band, Lee was captivated by bassist Jack Casady’s work. In an interview with Music Radar, Lee praised Casady’s underrated talent and heavy tone, especially in the live album “Bless Its Pointed Little Head,” which significantly influenced Lee.

Casady’s distinct, aggressive bass sound, often overshadowing the guitar, was a pioneering force in the band’s dynamic. This influenced Lee’s own bass style in Rush, moving away from traditional background roles to a more prominent, leading sound. Lee credits Casady with revolutionizing bass guitar sound, significantly shaping Rush’s musical identity.

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