Geddy Lee Is Tired Of Hearing From Drummers That Want To Join Rush

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Following the hiatus of Rush in 2015 and the subsequent loss of their iconic drummer Neil Peart in 2020, it seemed the chapter of the renowned progressive rock band might be permanently closed. However, the narrative took an unexpected turn.

Shortly after Peart’s passing, Geddy Lee, the band’s lead vocalist, was inundated with calls from drummers eager to fill the void, a revelation he shared during an interview on The Strombo Show while discussing his new memoir, “My Effin’ Life.”

Lee expressed his astonishment at the rapid influx of inquiries, noting the sudden interest in the drummer’s spot as premature and somewhat insensitive. He and his fellow band member, Alex Lifeson, hadn’t even contemplated their musical future before being approached about the potential opening.

Despite the unwelcome proposals and the speculative chatter about the band’s revival with a new drummer, Lee and Lifeson have acknowledged the possibility of playing together again, albeit without solid plans.

During an appearance on CBS News Sunday Morning, the duo conveyed their ambivalence about trying to replace Peart. While not dismissing the idea of touring with a new drummer, they acknowledged the immense challenge of continuing Rush’s legacy without its legendary percussionist, leaving the band’s future an open yet uncertain question.

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