Geddy Lee On The New Rush Without Him, ‘They Were Terrible’

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Geddy Lee, in an interview on The Strombo Show, reflected on his early departure from Rush. The band’s new manager, Ray Danniels, decided to replace Lee, which didn’t initially involve Alex Lifeson’s direct input.

In his book ‘My Effin’ Life,’ Lee disclosed that although Lifeson didn’t oppose Danniels’ decision, he never blamed him.

He humorously confronted Lifeson about it later, noting Lifeson’s embarrassment but emphasizing his own understanding of the situation.

Lee’s temporary exit led to Joe Perna joining Rush, which was briefly renamed Hadrian. However, this lineup struggled, with Perna unable to match the group’s dynamics.

Meanwhile, Lee quickly found success with other musicians. When original member John Rutsey requested his return, Lee agreed.

Despite rejoining Rush, Lee recounted his firing with bitterness in a ‘Rolling Music Now’ podcast conversation.

He criticized the secretive and unfair manner of his dismissal, revealing his determination to form his own band at that time.

This period of reflection, prompted by writing his book, offered him new insights into his character and resilience.

Rush continued to create music until their 2015 breakup and definitively ended following Neil Peart’s passing. Nonetheless, Lee expressed interest in future collaborations with Lifeson.

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