Geddy Lee plans to write new music with Alex Lifeson

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Geddy Lee, the iconic Rush vocalist and bassist, is stirring excitement among fans with news of potential new music in collaboration with Alex Lifeson, the band’s guitarist. Lee, who’s been busy promoting his autobiography “My Effin’ Life,” has touched on the subject in recent interviews, including with the Washington Post and CTV Morning Live.

The possibility of new music arose after Lee’s experience at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts, which seemingly softened his stance on playing Rush music again. He acknowledged the challenges of performing Rush songs without their original trio but indicated a newfound openness to exploring music with Lifeson, either under the Rush banner or as a new venture.

However, Lee is cautious about setting expectations for a Rush reunion. He emphasizes that while he and Lifeson enjoy a strong friendship and are eager to write songs together, this doesn’t necessarily signal Rush’s comeback. Their collaboration is still in the exploratory phase, with Lee noting the uncertainty of whether their efforts will lead to publicly released music.

He wants to clarify that any talk of writing songs with Lifeson is not a confirmation of Rush’s return but rather an exploration of their enduring creative partnership.


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