Geddy Lee Says He and Alex Lifeson Could Perform as Rush again

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Geddy Lee, the iconic singer and bassist of Rush, recently opened up about the possibility of reuniting with his former bandmate, guitarist Alex Lifeson. Despite Rush’s disbandment in 2020 following the death of drummer Neil Peart in January of that year, Lee is now contemplating a return to the stage. In an interview with The Washington Post, Lee expressed a newfound openness to collaborating with Lifeson again, potentially under the Rush banner.

The idea of playing Rush songs with someone other than Peart was once a sensitive topic for Lee and Lifeson. However, Lee now feels that the “elephant in the room” has faded, presenting new opportunities. This change in perspective was partly influenced by Paul McCartney, who encouraged Lee and Lifeson to consider touring again after their reunion at a tribute show for drummer Taylor Hawkins in September 2022.

During this time, Lee and Lifeson also had a jam session in the studio, their first in years, reigniting their musical chemistry. While Lee is excited about the prospects, he acknowledges Lifeson’s health concerns, as the guitarist recently underwent stomach surgery. Lee emphasizes the importance of Lifeson’s well-being before any concrete plans are made.

This renewed possibility of performing as Rush, even if in a different format, excites fans. Lee and Lifeson’s recent on-stage reunion, where they performed classic Rush songs, has only fueled this anticipation. The future for Rush, in some form, seems more hopeful than ever.

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