Geezer Butler Drops ‘Final Black Sabbath Show’ Bombshell

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In a recent interview with Jonathan Clarke,

Geezer Butler shared that Ozzy Osbourne is eager to have a final Black Sabbath show. When asked about Osbourne’s comment regarding reuniting the original band, including Bill Ward, for a last concert, Butler revealed:

“Yeah. Ozzy desperately wants to do it because of his health conditions. He desperately wants to have a final Ozzy Osbourne [solo] concert. He said to me, ‘I’d love Sabbath to do a couple of songs, two or three songs, as the final show ever’ — Ozzy’s final show and Sabbath’s final show. And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m up for it, definitely.’ But I’m not sure what the others are up to. Me and Ozzy, we’re up for it. But whether Tony and Bill would do it, I don’t know.”

Butler’s Previous Remarks on the Topic

In a recent interview with Matt Pinfield on 95.5 KLOS’s New & Approved show, Butler revisited the idea of a Black Sabbath reunion. When asked if the original members had discussed a final show, Butler said:

“Yeah, we’d all love it to happen, obviously, but it’s beyond our sort of control.”

This echoed his earlier comments on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, where he expressed his interest in reuniting with the original Sabbath lineup:

“Of course, there’s an interest [on my part to do it], but there’s a big ‘but’ — you’d have to speak to Bill about it. Everybody wants to do it [but I don’t know if he is] capable [of pulling it off].”

Ozzy’s Thoughts on a Reunion

Last month, on Ozzy and Billy Morrison’s internet TV show, The Madhouse Chronicles, Ozzy discussed the band’s final album, ’13.’ When asked if he was content with how Black Sabbath ended, Ozzy hinted at another possible attempt:

“No. Because it wasn’t Black Sabbath that finished it. It’s unfinished. If they wanted to do one more gig with Bill, I would jump at the chance. Do you know what would be cool? If we went to a club or something unannounced and we just got up and did it. We started up in a club.”

Tony Iommi also responded to Osbourne’s wish for a reunion with Bill Ward last month. Speaking on Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Iommi said the idea could be appealing but expressed concern about it being perceived as a money-making venture.

You can watch the entire conversation below.

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