Greta Van Fleet’s Jake Kiszka: “I think people have realised we are sticking around and this is who we are”

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The band, celebrated for their unique sound, faced a mix of reactions with the release of their third album this summer. However, their dedication to their style propelled them into larger venues and arenas. In a Total Guitar interview, Kiszka shared his insights, emphasizing the band’s commitment to their authentic sound despite mixed reviews.

He noted a shift in journalistic perspectives, attributing it to the band’s unwavering stance in their musical journey.

Kiszka’s conviction in the band’s identity and approach resonates strongly. He asserts their role in shaping the genre for their generation, focusing on authenticity and a true representation of their artistic selves. This clarity in vision and purpose sets them apart in the rock ‘n’ roll scene.

Expanding their creative horizons, the band’s bassist, Sam Kiszka, in a conversation with Wonderland, revealed aspirations to explore filmmaking.

Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner expressed their desire to score films and possibly direct a Greta Van Fleet motion picture. This ambition is part of their broader vision to build the ‘Infasonicosm’ – a comprehensive universe within the GVF realm, rich with recurring characters in lyrics and visual storytelling through album art.

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