Greta Van Fleet Manager Says Singer Josh Kiszka Wants To Join Led Zeppelin: ‘He Would Nail It’

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In a recent interview with Alternative Nation, Michael Barbee, the former manager of Greta Van Fleet, discussed a hypothetical scenario involving Led Zeppelin. He speculated that Josh Kiszka, the lead vocalist of Greta Van Fleet, although likely interested in joining Led Zeppelin, might not find it an appropriate move at this time.

Barbee expressed his belief that while the members of Greta Van Fleet hold Led Zeppelin in high regard, Kiszka joining Zeppelin might not be beneficial. Although he thinks Kiszka would excel in the role, it could overshadow his current success. Instead, Barbee proposed an intriguing idea: inviting Jimmy Page to perform with Greta Van Fleet.

This collaboration, according to Barbee, would be more meaningful than having Kiszka guest perform with Zeppelin, as it would avoid merely catering to the hype surrounding the bands’ similarities.

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