James Hetfield Hints At More ‘Unforgiven’ Songs In The Future

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James Hetfield is convinced that the ‘Unforgiven’ saga will continue throughout his life.

In a recent episode of The Metallica Report podcast, Hetfield discussed the possibility of writing another ‘Unforgiven’ song. He said:

“I’m not dead yet! So it’s not over. Whether there will be an ‘Unforgiven XII,’ I have no idea. If I claim to know, it will change.”

He then delved into the meanings behind each song in the series:

“‘Unforgiven III’ is about self-forgiveness, something I didn’t possess, particularly in the first one. ‘II’ was more of a middle ground. ‘Unforgiven III’ deals with the concept of ‘How can I forgive you if I can’t forgive myself?’ That’s the wrap-up, but there could be more. Who knows?”

Metallica’s Deep Cuts They Want to Perform

During the podcast, Hetfield also mentioned two deep cuts that the band often considers adding to their setlists: ‘The Frayed Ends of Sanity’ and ‘Dyers Eve’ from their album, ‘…And Justice For All.’ He explained why these songs haven’t been included in their recent performances:

“We frequently talk about ‘The Frayed Ends of Sanity’ and ‘Dyers Eve.’ They’re intense and complex, which makes them a challenge to fit into our current setlists.”

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