James Hetfield on Metallica’s new creative era

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In a revealing interview with Metallica’s fanzine, So What!, frontman James Hetfield candidly discusses the band’s new creative era, providing insights into the evolution of their songwriting process. Hetfield emphasizes a departure from the conventional dynamics with Lars Ulrich, expressing a keen interest in fostering a more collaborative approach. The frontman shares his efforts in encouraging band members to contribute creatively, creating an environment where every voice is valued and heard.

While acknowledging the initial challenges associated with embracing this change, Hetfield underscores the positive outcomes, emphasizing the diversification of contributions to the band’s creative landscape. The interview paints a picture of Hetfield’s newfound openness to exploration, highlighting a collective and participatory spirit within the studio.

The discussion also delves into Metallica’s recent album, “72 Seasons,” shedding light on Hetfield’s relentless pursuit of the perfect tone and guitar sound. The frontman provides insights into his favored guitars, including iconic instruments with rich histories in Metallica, such as the Copper Top, So What! guitar, and the OGV – the inaugural electric guitar Hetfield used in the band.

The OGV, marked by scars and a storied history, serves as a nostalgic link to Metallica’s early years, notably the “Kill ‘Em All” tour. Hetfield unveils the guitar’s resilience, having weathered multiple breakages and repairs, drawing parallels between its survival and his own journey.

This candid interview extends a glimpse to fans into Metallica’s evolving creative process, Hetfield’s unwavering pursuit of musical excellence, and the enduring connection between the frontman and his cherished guitars – each carrying a unique chapter in the band’s iconic history.

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