Jason Newsted On His Career After Metallica, ‘I’m Open To Offers’

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Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted recently shared insights into his life and career in an exclusive interview with The Metallica Report, reflecting on the profound impact his tenure with the band had on him. He described himself as “wet clay” when he joined Metallica, inexperienced and naive about the world. Despite his technical skills, the rapid transformation into a global rock star was a dramatic shift.

Looking back, Newsted acknowledges both the positive and negative aspects of this change. He expressed a sense of inevitability about some of the changes he underwent, describing his journey from a striving, yet unremarkable musician to a widely recognized figure in a very short time.

Now, years after his departure from Metallica in 2001, Newsted maintains a selective approach to his career. He revealed that he’s open to collaborations and has received numerous offers, but he’s become discerning in choosing the right projects.

In a revealing part of the interview, Newsted discussed the possibility of reuniting with Metallica. He mentioned that he still communicates with Lars Ulrich and respects his opinion, suggesting a willingness to collaborate again under certain conditions.

This interview sheds light on Newsted’s journey and evolution both during and after his time with Metallica, offering fans a deeper understanding of the man behind the music.

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