Joe Bonamassa Defends Kirk Hammett Against Backlash For Playing ‘Enter Sandman’ With Blues Guitar

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Joe Bonamassa recently defended Kirk Hammett of Metallica in response to criticism of Hammett’s usage of a vintage blues guitar during a performance of “Enter Sandman” on the “Let There Be Talk” podcast.

The ‘Greeny’ Gibson Les Paul guitar in question has a long history in the blues. Gary Moore and Peter Green were its former owners. After being purchased by Hammett in 2014, the instrument’s use in Metallica performances caused a stir among many who identify it with the blues. In response to these worries, Bonamassa stated:

“When Kirk bought the Peter Green guitar, some of the purists were like, ‘I can’t believe [it], that guitar should be playing blues!’ In which rule book is it stated that Peter Green’s Sunburst Les Paul has to play blues its entire f*cking life? He’s up there playing ‘Enter Sandman.’ I love it.”

Then, expressing his gratitude for Hammett’s rendition of “Greeny,” he said the guitarist does the guitar justice:

“He gigs it hard. I’m like, that’s what it needs. It needs to be played, and he’s the perfect guy to own it. And the same thing with the black ’59. It’s not like he bought it and wrapped it in bubble wrap. He gives it to his tech, and it’s on stage in stadiums.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

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