Joe Perry Reveals Potential New Dates For Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour

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In a recent update, Aerosmith’s guitarist Joe Perry shared optimistic plans for the band’s future. The group, having faced tour cancellations due to lead singer Steven Tyler’s vocal cord and larynx injury, is eyeing a return to performing by late summer or fall of 2024. Perry hinted at a possible rescheduled New Year’s Eve show, signaling Aerosmith’s readiness to bounce back.

During their downtime, the band has been busy with their musical archives, preparing to release a treasure trove of unreleased content, including remixes and alternate versions of their songs. This period of creative introspection will culminate in the unveiling of these gems over the next 18 months.

A particular point of excitement is the impending release of Aerosmith’s legendary 1973 concert at Paul’s Mall. This performance, broadcast shortly after their debut album’s release, is a pivotal moment in Aerosmith’s history.

Captured by WBCN, a prominent rock station, this concert at the now-vanished basement club on Boylston Street is hailed as a critical milestone in the band’s journey. Perry’s updates not only reassure fans of Aerosmith’s resilience but also promise an enriching dive into the band’s storied past and a hopeful look into its future.

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