John 5 Picks The Best Metallica Album

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In a recent interview with Radioactive MikeZ, renowned guitarist John 5, formerly of Rob Zombie and currently with Mötley Crüe, shared his preference for Metallica’s album ‘Master Of Puppets’ over ‘Ride The Lightning.’ John 5 highlighted the exceptional production quality of ‘Master Of Puppets,’ emphasizing that it wasn’t about the superiority of the songs but the production that set it apart.

‘Master Of Puppets,’ released in 1986, holds a special place in the hearts of many, including John 5. He praised its enduring appeal, top-notch songwriting, and execution, along with its iconic cover art. He also recalled his personal connection with Metallica, reflecting on his brief stint working for them in his teenage years, reminiscing about the fun and friendly interactions he had with the band members.

The influence of ‘Master of Puppets’ reached a new peak when it featured in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’ The show’s portrayal of the song by character Eddie Munson sparked a resurgence in its popularity, attracting a new, younger audience. This led to mixed reactions among long-time Metallica fans, some of whom were protective of their fandom. However, Metallica welcomed the new fans warmly, stating that everyone is invited to join the Metallica Family, regardless of how long they’ve been fans. This inclusion was highlighted by the band’s response to fans’ comments on social media.

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