John 5 Says Mötley Crüe Will Keep Making New Music; Praises Nikki Sixx For ‘Pumping Out Amazing Lyrics and Great Tunes’

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Guitarist John 5 recently expressed admiration for Mötley Crüe’s dedication to producing new music, particularly highlighting bassist Nikki Sixx’s talent for writing exceptional lyrics and music.

This enthusiasm aligns with drummer Tommy Lee’s excitement about their upcoming songs, where he praised John 5’s guitar work as “insane.” In an interview, John 5 shared insights about their collaboration, hinting that their current project with famed producer Bob Rock might not be the band’s last.

He recounted how Nikki Sixx’s natural songwriting ability continues to impress, suggesting a future filled with more music from the band. Amidst these positive developments, the band also faces an ongoing legal issue and internal feud involving their longtime guitarist Mick Mars, yet John 5 remains focused on the music.

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