John Lydon called Nirvana song as “One of pop’s all-time greatest”

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John Lydon, once the spearhead of the Sex Pistols, is a figure synonymous with punk’s rebellion. Yet, his musical palette extends far beyond the confines of punk rock. His extensive knowledge in punk and its sub-genres is deeply rooted in his revolutionary role within the punk movement.

In a candid interview with Far Out magazine, Lydon boldly claimed the origins of punk in the UK, challenging the American-centric narrative. He expressed frustration with American media crediting New York as the birthplace of punk, fervently asserting Britain’s pivotal role.

Lydon’s journey in punk is shaped by an array of musical influences, encompassing artists like Mud, The Sweet, T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, and Led Zeppelin. His tastes deviate from the typical punk path, reflecting his inclination to defy norms.

Throughout his career, Lydon has consistently challenged the status quo, whether through his punk persona or his array of controversial endeavors. He infamously compared former US President Donald Trump to the “Sex Pistols of politics,” showcasing his unapologetic and confrontational style.

Despite his contentious nature, Lydon has also shown introspective moments. His complexity and contradictions make him a fascinating character in music. In a 2020 Pitchfork interview, he surprised many by commending Nirvana, particularly praising “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as a pop music masterpiece.

Lydon reflected on his initial encounter with Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and his profound admiration for “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” acknowledging its significant impact on him. He also commented on the darker aspects of Nirvana’s music, perceiving a premonition of Kurt Cobain’s tragic destiny.

John Lydon’s musical odyssey is characterized by his refusal to adhere to expectations, coupled with his recognition and appreciation of diverse musical genres, while continuing to be a key figure in the punk landscape.

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