John Mayer names guitarist who inspires him the most, also his ‘Least Favorite’ record from his own discography

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John Mayer pinpointed the album from his collection he’s least fond of while also highlighting Stevie Ray Vaughan as his top guitar muse.

John Mayer, sometimes humorously referring to himself as America’s former beau, has a career that spans over two decades and boasts eight individual studio albums. His most recent, “Sob Rock”, came out in 2021. While fans never overwhelmingly identified a singular flop among these, John recently shared his personal perspective on “Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen.”

Pressed to pick his least cherished album, John highlighted 2013’s “Paradise Valley.” His rationale? It was the project he devoted the least energy to. He shared, as recorded by Ultimate Guitar:

“Some albums just resonated more in my life. I appreciate tracks on ‘Paradise Valley’, but if I had to eliminate one, it’d be this. At that phase in my career, I felt the need to tour with new music. So, I thought, ‘Let’s quickly make an album’. It was produced in just a few months. It had its gems, but if I were to compare, I’d leave out ‘Paradise Valley’.”

Later, when questioned about his guitar idol, John didn’t hesitate to mention Stevie Ray Vaughan:

“Hands down, my all-time favorite is Stevie Ray Vaughan. Even after watching him for years, every clip I come across, especially on Instagram, I’m left in awe. He might have left us too soon, but his music makes me think, ‘Wow! How can anyone play like that?'”

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