Journey Drummer on Arnel Pineda’s Recent Vocal ‘Struggles’: “He’s Not A Steve Perry Clone”

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In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Journey’s drummer Dean Castronovo shared insights into the band’s latest developments, particularly focusing on lead singer Arnel Pineda. Pineda, who has faced challenges during live performances, underwent a transformative experience with the help of a vocal coach.

This intervention, coupled with the arrival of a new sound engineer named Tom, led to a significant improvement in Pineda’s performance quality.

Castronovo highlighted the mental and physical aspects of Pineda’s journey, noting the striking difference in his approach and confidence on stage. He shared anecdotes about the newfound joy and playfulness in Pineda’s performances, emphasizing how these changes positively impacted the band’s dynamics.

Furthermore, Castronovo revealed intriguing details about Journey’s upcoming album. He described Pineda’s vocals as distinct and versatile, moving away from the typical Journey sound and Steve Perry’s style.

The drummer expressed his amazement at Pineda’s newfound vocal abilities, particularly his bluesy, rich tones, which add a unique flavor to the band’s new music. This evolution in Pineda’s singing style marks a significant milestone in his career and promises an exciting direction for Journey’s latest album.

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