Justin Chancellor Explains How Tool Writes New Music: ‘It’s Gotten Famously Labored, Our Creative Process’

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Justin Chancellor delved into the intricacies of Tool’s songwriting process. He highlighted that the challenge lies in balancing the diverse ideas brought in by each band member.

While Tool might not boast a vast discography, despite being in the industry for over three decades, their albums have consistently been a testament to their dedication and talent. “The initial phase of our journey, as a budding band, was slightly effortless in creating music. But as time passed, our creative endeavor became notably intense,” Justin shared with Dean Delray in a recent chat.

Diving deeper into the band’s artistry, Justin emphasized the significance of jamming. He mentioned:

“Adam [Jones, the guitarist] often comes up with myriad concepts. We ensure that our individual ideas aren’t too fleshed out when we present them to Tool. This allows us to use them as foundational bricks and let them evolve organically with inputs from every member. Sometimes, we’d immerse ourselves into a single riff for hours, which can be both fulfilling and, at times, exhausting.”

Highlighting their commitment, Justin added:

“We document everything in our sessions. Since we all reside in LA, the daily traffic gives us ample time to review our recordings. This practice enables us to reflect on our creations from a fresh angle and return the next day with refined insights.”

On another note, after a nine-year break, Justin’s venture with Peter Mohamed, MTVOID, is back in action. They are set to release a new album titled “Matter’s Knot” on November 10 under Lobal Orning. The track “Scanner Void” is now available for a listen.

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