Justin Hawkins Defends His Jon Bon Jovi Comment Despite Backlash

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Justin Hawkins, the lead singer of The Darkness, has been candid about Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal challenges in recent times. In an interview with Classic Rock magazine, Hawkins discussed his previous comments made on his YouTube show ‘Justin Hawkins Rides Again,’ where he expressed concerns about Bon Jovi’s singing abilities. He suggested that Bon Jovi might be struggling vocally and could benefit from therapy.

Hawkins emphasized that he doesn’t filter his thoughts about other musicians and reacts without pre-listening, which he considers as cheating. He clarified that his comments are not meant to disrespect but to offer solutions and explanations. He acknowledged that many fans have noticed a decline in Bon Jovi’s live vocals, especially during his 2022 performances.

In April 2022, Bon Jovi embarked on a US tour for their album ‘2020.’ Hawkins, having seen fan-filmed videos from this tour, noted the difficulty an artist faces when unable to deliver their best. He speculated that a “huge machine” around Bon Jovi might be preventing him from taking a necessary break.

Hawkins theorized that Bon Jovi’s vocal issues might not be due to a physical ailment like a polyp but could be a manifestation of performance anxiety. He expressed his disappointment and sadness over Bon Jovi’s current vocal condition, feeling that the people around him should advise a break.

Critics from various music magazines have also noticed a change in Jon Bon Jovi’s singing. Some suggest that it felt as though he had forgotten how to sing, while others speculate that it might be related to the after-effects of COVID, which Bon Jovi contracted in 2021. This widespread observation points to a noticeable shift in one of rock’s most iconic voices.

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