Justin Hawkins On Green Day: “They Achieved Nothing Original”

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Justin Hawkins, the lead vocalist of The Darkness, recently voiced his critique on Green Day’s latest track, ‘One Eyed Bastard’, in a new YouTube upload. This time, his comments were far from flattering.

In the video, Hawkins delved into the similarities between ‘One Eyed Bastard’ and Pink’s hit ‘So What?’, labeling the former as a mere imitation. He didn’t shy away from expressing his preference, stating, “The Pink one’s better… it’s all generic, similar-sounding stuff, but the Pink song stands out. Sorry guys.”

Hawkins didn’t stop there. He also compared Green Day’s tune to the iconic sounds of Deep Purple, highlighting a notable resemblance in musical keys. Despite acknowledging some differences between Pink’s work and Deep Purple’s ‘Black Night’, he remained critical of Green Day’s effort, suggesting it lacked the distinctiveness of its counterparts.

Expanding on the theme of originality, Hawkins lamented the absence of fresh ideas in ‘One Eyed Bastard’, questioning the very essence of creativity in music. He reminisced about an extensive discussion on this topic in a podcast, pondering the sacrifices and endeavors artists undergo in their pursuit of uniqueness. According to Hawkins, Green Day’s recent work fell short in this respect.

Listeners and critics alike have noted the striking similarity between the opening riffs of ‘One Eyed Bastard’ and the synth-driven intro of ‘So What?’, both harmonized in the same musical key. Despite these observations, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day attributes the inspiration for ‘One Eyed Bastard’ to a different influence, describing it as a riff reminiscent of Black Sabbath, paired with reflective lyrics on challenging times.

Aside from this recent critique, Hawkins has previously shared his insights on other Green Day tracks. While reviewing ‘American Idiot’, he commended Armstrong’s vocals for their ’70s rock essence and consistency, acknowledging the frontman’s solid and precise vocal delivery.

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