Keith Richards hits out at rap music: “I don’t like to hear people yelling at me”

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Keith Richards, the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist, recently voiced his reservations about rap music, expressing that he’s not a fan of being “shouted at.”

Now 79, the celebrated musician didn’t hold back on his thoughts about today’s pop music either, labeling it as “unimpressive.”

These candid revelations were shared during Richards’s interview with The Telegraph, leading up to the debut of the Rolling Stones’ anticipated album, “Hackney Diamonds.”

Richards conveyed his eclectic taste, encompassing genres like blues, jazz, and classical. However, he’s not too keen on the modern pop charts. He mentioned, “I’m not here to bash pop music, but its essence has always been to be simplistic. Its repetitive nature lacks genuine emotion for me.”

Emphasizing his preference for authentic instruments, he remarked, “True music comes from actual instruments, not the synthetic elevator-type tunes that have become mainstream.”

Richards didn’t spare rap either, sharing, “Rap feels like someone loudly asserting their opinions. I don’t need that at home, let alone in music.”

Earlier this month in Hackney, Richards, joined by Mick Jagger, 80, and Ronnie Wood, 76, unveiled the impending release of “Hackney Diamonds.”

During this announcement, they fondly remembered their drummer, Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021. Richards poignantly noted, “The void left by Charlie is palpable. However, through Charlie, we found [new drummer] Steve Jordan. Having Steve on board, especially with Charlie’s endorsement, made the transition smoother.”

Two songs on the upcoming album feature Watts’s signature drumming. This album is special as it marks the band’s first set of original songs in nearly two decades.

The audience at the unveiling also got a sneak peek at the video for the band’s new single, “Angry,” which boasts a performance by “Euphoria” star, Sydney Sweeney.

The album is expected to be star-studded, with appearances by the likes of Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney (rumored to play the bass), and Stevie Wonder.

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