Keith Richards says he gives a “Salute” to Charlie Watts every day

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Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones fondly remembers his dear friend and bandmate, Charlie Watts, who left us in 2021. In a touching tribute, Keith Richards shared that he pays homage to Watts every day. As he steps out of his bedroom, his eyes meet a portrait of Charlie on the staircase, and without fail, he salutes his friend. To Richards, Charlie Watts was not just a drummer but a steadfast presence in his life.

The legendary band is gearing up to release their highly anticipated album, “Hackney Diamonds,” this month on October 20th. This musical gem contains two tracks featuring Charlie Watts on drums, recorded back in 2019 – “Mess It Up” and “Live By The Sword.” Steve Jordan steps in on the drums for the remaining tracks. The Rolling Stones have been vocal about how much they miss and cherish their time with the iconic musician since his passing.

During an emotional interview on The Howard Stern Show, Richards couldn’t hold back tears as he listened to Charlie’s drumming on “Live By The Sword.” This poignant moment reflects the deep bond they shared.

The band has already released the first single, “Angry,” from the upcoming album, giving fans a taste of what’s to come. Additionally, a documentary chronicling the album’s creation is reportedly in the works, and the rockers have exciting plans for a follow-up project.

Notably, the album also features the return of the band’s former bassist, Bill Wyman, who joins Charlie Watts on “Live By The Sword.” Bill, who retired from the band in 1993, added his signature groove to create a unique reunion of the original Rolling Stones rhythm section. Mick Jagger announced this exciting development during a live launch event in London last month, adding to the buzz surrounding “Hackney Diamonds.”

Pre-order the album and view all of the latest updates from the iconic rock outfit via the official Rolling Stones website.

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