Kerry King Delivers Exciting News To Slayer Fans

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Kerry King is excited about the connection his upcoming solo album shares with the signature Slayer sound. In a candid chat with Heavy Consequence, King divulged that his new solo endeavor mirrors the essence of Slayer’s music, particularly because he was the main architect behind the band’s final album.

He assured fans of his past work that the new album won’t disappoint, hinting that it’s packed with tracks that any Slayer enthusiast would appreciate:

“I’ve infused my style into every bit of this album. Fans familiar with my writing will definitely find tracks to love, maybe even the entire album. I’m thrilled about every piece of it.”

King expressed his excitement about the album’s sound, praising his producer for capturing the essence of his live performances in the studio recordings. He mentioned the distinct contribution of Paul Bostaph’s drumming and hinted at the raw energy of the new vocalist, all contributing to a sound that’s unmistakably reminiscent of Slayer.

After Slayer’s curtain call in November 2019, just before the world plunged into the pandemic, fans have been yearning for something to fill the void. While a Slayer reunion remains uncertain, Kerry King’s upcoming project is shaping up to be a sonic homage to the band’s legacy.

The official release details are still under wraps, but it’s known that King is working with producer Josh Wilbur for this much-anticipated solo project. The album marks King’s significant musical move since parting ways with Slayer, and there’s buzz about collaborations with various artists, though their identities are yet to be unveiled.

Despite the absence of a formal reunion, the collaboration between Bostaph and King in this new venture is a silver lining for fans.

The album is teased to resonate with Slayer’s distinct style, and King himself views it as an ‘extension’ of the band’s legacy, suggesting that if Slayer were still around, this album might well have been part of their discography.

As the music world awaits more details, the anticipation for this blend of nostalgia and innovation continues to build.

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