Kid Rock Shares His Support For Trump Over Tax Policy

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Kid Rock is making it clear that he believes voting for Trump will “fix the tax issue.”

The singer recently posted his dinner bill on Instagram, where he tipped $400 and left a note on the receipt. The note read:

“A vote for Trump is a vote for no tax on tips.”

In the post’s caption, he shared his thoughts on Trump and highlighted the challenges small businesses face:

“As a bar owner, and having spoken to a few other bar/restaurant owners, this is HUGE! Most small businesses have all had challenges in staffing. This will solve so many problems for so many hardworking Americans! Trump is a genius and for the working class! Biden is straight Hollywood! Happy Father’s Day.”

Kid Rock Doesn’t Think Politics Will Hurt His Career

Kid Rock is outspoken about his political views and doesn’t shy away from controversy. During an appearance on the Club Random Podcast last year, he discussed his political stance and expressed confidence that it wouldn’t negatively impact his music career:

“So people will tell me, ‘It’s politics, man. They’re going to f*ck up your business.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t give a sh*t, and I’ve saved my money.’ I’m like, ‘I can speak openly.’ You know?”

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