Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler opinion on David Gilmour

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When talking about the rock bands of the 1970s and 80s there will always come two names Dire Straits and Pink Floyd.

Both these bands were really popular back in the day and although Pink Floyd was formed in the 60s they still rocked for decades and they still are.

However, Dire Straits is a junior band compared to Pink Floyd because it was formed in 1977, more than a decade after Pink Floyd was formed.

But they were no rookie because Dire Straits too was rocking the music scene back in the day and they have sold more than 120 million units globally.

Furthermore, the frontman, lead vocalist, and guitarist of both bands Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour are one of the most talented musicians ever, in fact, both of them are listed as the greatest guitarists.

There are even people who have said that Knopfler is a guitarist’s guitarist, well, as much as that does not make sense, neither does Knopfler’s guitar-playing skill.

This guy’s got mad skills and it is really insane, Knopfler is really the goat. And we know that Gilmour is no less, his guitar-playing skill is also next level, that’s what we all believe but what does Knopfler have to say about Pink Floyd’s frontman?

let’s find out, shall we?

Mark Knopfler’s opinion on Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour

Gilmour has shared his guitar gear with Knopfler. Back in 2015, Gilmour explained that Knopfler once showed up at a charity event just with his guitar so he asked Gilmour if he can use his amps and rig.

Well, Gilmour was a bit tensed that Knopfler would sound just like him (Gilmour) using his gear however when Knopfler started playing Gilmour was flabbergasted because he was sounding just like Mark Knopfler even while using Gilmour’s gear.

Gilmour was really impressed with Knopfler but what about Knopfler? what does he think about Gilmour? Knopfler answers himself about what he thinks of Gilmour.

In 2002 he was talking to French Guitarist magazine where he said, “I’ve played with him before. But we haven’t recorded together. I like its intonation, there is always a side “swamp”, bluesy, in the sound of his Stratocaster. But also a crystalline quality at the same time, which corresponds more to my personal sound.” He further added, “What I also like about Dave is the way he plays while wandering around the central melody, which he rarely approaches in a frontal way. It is the mark of a great guitarist.”

However, Knopfler is not the only admirer of Gilmour, it goes around because Gilmour also admires Knopfler. As per the reports, Gilmour was inspired by Knopfler which he revealed in 1985 during an interview.

He said,“Mark Knopfler has a lovely, refreshing guitar style. He brought back something that seemed to have gone astray in guitar playing. These days I don’t listen to other people with the objective of trying to steal their licks. Although I’ve got no objections to stealing them if that seems like a good idea. I’m sure that I’m still influenced by Mark Knopfler and Eddie Van Halen as well.”

And we all know that Gilmour does not hesitate to take inspiration because if we listen to Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing and Pink Floyd’s two songs Hey You and Young Lust, we can find a bit similar voices and countermelodies.

As mentioned, these legendary musicians have played together however, it is really unfortunate that they don’t have any recordings together. Well, I bet that many people still want them to collab and certainly it would be really entertaining to see these two together again. It is clear that both of these music legends really admire each other.

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