MARK OSEGUEDA Reveals Struggle Of Keeping His Involvement In KERRY KING’s Band From His DEATH ANGEL Bandmates: “It Was Eating At Me”

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Death Angel’s frontman Mark Osegueda recently shared the challenges he faced when informing his bandmates about joining Slayer guitarist Kerry King’s solo project. During an appearance on the Let There Be Talk podcast with comedian Dean Delray, Osegueda detailed the complications due to a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with King’s team.

Osegueda admitted, “This was tough. I had to respect the NDA, and it was eating at me. Death Angel was touring constantly, even when the world shut down due to the pandemic. As soon as things reopened, we hit the road again, and this was all happening in the background.”

He described the difficulty of keeping the secret from his bandmates, especially during moments of camaraderie on tour when he wanted to share the exciting news: “I started doing demos during the pandemic and continued meeting with Kerry for more demos once the world reopened. Kerry’s album was finished a year before its release. Being on tour with Death Angel, there were nights when Rob and I would be drinking, listening to music, and just laughing together. It took everything in me not to tell him what was going on. It was so hard not to say, ‘Look, bro. Look, bro.'”

Osegueda noted that aside from those bound by NDAs at the studio, only his girlfriend, mother, and sister knew about his involvement: “I promised Kerry and signed the NDA, so I couldn’t let anyone know. My girlfriend, mom, and sister were the only ones who knew. We didn’t even tell my dad because he has loose lips. So, those were the only three who knew, plus the people at the studio who were all bound by NDAs.”

Osegueda ultimately chose to inform his dad and bandmates via email on the day of the official announcement. He recalled, “I waited and let my dad know through email the same day the official announcement of Kerry’s new band happened in early February. Shortly after, I talked to Rob and Ted.”

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