Matt Skiba Shares His One Regret About Replacing Tom DeLonge In Blink-182

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In a revealing conversation on the Tuna On Toast with Stryker podcast, Matt Skiba opened up about his journey with Blink-182, notably his single regret during his tenure as a replacement for Tom DeLonge.

Skiba, who joined the band in 2015, recounted an awkward incident from his early days with the group.

He arrived for a photoshoot wearing Hurley attire, unaware of its strong association with Blink-182 and its original member, DeLonge.

This choice of clothing led to some playful teasing from the band and fans, with accusations of him trying to imitate DeLonge. Skiba reflected on this moment as something he might have done differently, had he realized the implications.

Skiba also shared his thoughts on the recent reunion of the original Blink-182 lineup, including the return of Tom DeLonge.

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Skiba conveyed a sense of understanding and no hard feelings about the band’s decision.

He expressed gratitude for his time with Blink-182 and congratulated the band members on their reunion, highlighting the strong friendships and mutual support within their music community.

This candid discussion sheds light on the dynamics of band memberships and the challenges of stepping into a role previously held by a well-known musician.

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