METALLICA Bassist’s Wife Admits It Wasn’t Love At First Sight

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Chloe Trujillo, the multi-talented artist, fashion designer, and musician, recently appeared on the “Honest AF Show” where she shared the story of how she met her husband, METALLICA’s bassist, Robert Trujillo. Recounting their meeting in the ’90s when Robert played in SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Chloe revealed the unexpected turn of events that led to their connection.

Chloe, a fixture in the punk rock and metal scene since her early teens, initially knew Robert through mutual friends in SUICIDAL TENDENCIES while she lived in Paris. Despite attending shows and forming friendships with band members, Chloe and Robert didn’t have substantial interactions during that period. Later, Chloe moved to New York for two years, delving into musical theater and cabaret, and lost contact with Robert.

The serendipitous reunion occurred when Chloe moved to Los Angeles, and a friend informed Robert about her location. Surprisingly, the initial attempt to contact Robert resulted in a deleted voicemail due to technical issues. However, after a follow-up call, they reconnected, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Reflecting on her mindset at that time, Chloe admitted that she had emerged from challenging relationships and was focused on her career. When Robert asked her out, she accepted, intending to keep it casual. Despite initial reservations, their connection deepened organically over time.

Chloe’s background includes being raised in Paris by fashion designer parents and an opera singer grandfather, fostering a creative environment. She has found success as a fine artist, designer, and musician, with her work showcased in exhibitions globally. Chloe’s musical pursuits include performances in various acts, rock operas, and collaborations with influential composers.

Together, Chloe and Robert Trujillo have two children, Tye and Lullah. Their unique love story highlights the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns, leading to a meaningful connection that transcended initial expectations.


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