Metallica’s Lars Ulrich says he wasn’t “qualified” to play with Rush at Taylor Hawkins tribute concert

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Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, recently shared insights about his participation in the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts in London and Los Angeles. While excited about performing AC/DC and Black Sabbath songs, Ulrich revealed he felt less “qualified” to play with Rush.

The inaugural show, held at Wembley Stadium on September 3, paid homage to the late Foo Fighters drummer. Ulrich, along with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and surviving Foo Fighters members, delivered energetic renditions of AC/DC classics, including ‘Back In Black’ and ‘Let There Be Rock.’ In Los Angeles, Ulrich joined Sebastian Bach, Black Sabbath‘s Geezer Butler, and the Foo Fighters for spirited performances of ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Supernaut.’

Discussing the invitation on The Howard Stern Show, Ulrich shared that Dave Grohl had called him months ago, asking him to participate in the tribute shows. Eager to be involved, Ulrich explained, “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll show up with bells and whistles on.”

Despite enjoying the experience, Ulrich admitted that straying from the Metallica universe was challenging, as the band provides a sense of comfort and mutual support. He emphasized the fun he had playing AC/DC songs, which were “right in [his] wheelhouse.” However, Ulrich confessed that an offer to play with Rush would have been less appealing to him.

While expressing love for Rush, Ulrich acknowledged, “If they had said, ‘Come up and play ‘2112’ with Alex [Lifeson] and Geddy [Lee],’ I’d go, ‘I think there’s somebody more qualified to do that than me.’” Ulrich elaborated that playing with Rush would require significant rehearsal and preparation, making a complex piece like ‘2112’ a formidable challenge.

During the interview, Ulrich also discussed Metallica’s upcoming 11th album, ’72 Seasons,’ set to release on April 14. He admitted concerns about potential leaks and explained why the band allowed the use of ‘Master Of Puppets’ in Stranger Things’ fourth season, expressing pride in the song’s unexpected resurgence.


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