Mike Portnoy Reacts To Mike Mangini’s Statement After Being Replaced

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Mike Mangini recently spoke about his departure from Dream Theater, displaying understanding and no resentment towards the band’s decision to bring back original drummer Mike Portnoy.

In response, Portnoy praised Mangini’s classy handling of the situation in an interview with Drumeo, emphasizing the dignity and grace displayed, which avoided any unnecessary drama.

Mangini joined Dream Theater in September 2010, replacing Portnoy. During his tenure, he contributed to several albums and was part of a Grammy-winning team.

His departure was announced in October, and in a conversation with Eddie Trunk, Mangini expressed a straightforward acceptance of the situation, viewing it as a natural return of an original member to the band.

Dream Theater, now reunited with Portnoy, is reportedly working on a new album. The impact of Portnoy’s return on the band’s music and dynamics remains uncertain.

During a Q&A at Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp’s ‘Metalmania III,’ Portnoy addressed the uncertainty about whether the band’s future performances would include music from the Mangini era, stating that it’s too soon to determine the new dynamic and that he’s open to whatever the band decides.

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