Morrissey’s Public Humiliation Of Madonna

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Numerous renowned British artists have expressed their discontent with the Brit Awards over time, including prominent figures like Noel Gallagher and Morrissey in 2015. Morrissey, in particular, took his criticism a notch higher by making sharp remarks about Madonna in a comprehensive post on a fan site named ‘True To You.’

Morrissey voiced his opinions on Madonna’s performance at the Brits just ahead of her new album launch, stating:

“In 2015, we see Madonna, who remained under the radar in 2014 but conveniently is launching her new album now, once more using the Brit Awards platform to boost her remarkable career, despite her music never truly resonating with British culture.”

Furthermore, Morrissey encouraged viewers to be discerning of the Brit Awards, noting that an award was given to a song that didn’t even make a significant impact on the charts. He elaborated:

“As the Brits kick-off event spotlighted a tune that barely scraped to number 62 in the UK rankings, it’s honestly on you if you think this ceremony bears any relation to anything other than major record labels orchestrating an awards distribution for their own artists set for promotion that year.”

The artist has also previously taken jibes at Madonna on different forums, notably for her penchant for fur. A report by 24Sizzler indicated that Morrissey, known for his environmental advocacy, once remarked about Madonna’s adoptive son David, suggesting:

“I wouldn’t put it past her [Madonna] to fashion that young boy from Africa into an accessory and wear him briefly, only to discard him afterward.”

On a related note, besides Morrissey’s candid views on the Brits and Madonna, Noel Gallagher also candidly shared his thoughts on The 1975’s Matt Healy’s recognition as the top rock/alternative act during the ceremony. Gallagher expressed:

“While watching with my two teenage sons, I wondered, ‘Is it just me aging or is this truly mediocre?’ They unanimously agreed, ‘This is undoubtedly mediocre.’ The 1975 as the Best Rock Band? There’s an urgent need to revisit that definition because that’s definitely not the essence of rock.”

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