Morrissey’s Regret About His Ongoing Feud With The Cure’s Robert Smith

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The feud between Robert Smith of The Cure and Morrissey of The Smiths is a notable chapter in the history of British music. It began in 1984, following Morrissey’s response in an interview with The Face magazine. When asked hypothetically whom he would choose to shoot first in a room with Mark E. Smith of The Fall and Robert Smith, Morrissey replied that he would prefer to line them up so that one bullet would hit both. This darkly humorous response was typical of Morrissey’s provocative style.

Robert Smith’s reaction to Morrissey’s comments added fuel to the feud. He expressed his dislike for Morrissey by stating that he would deliberately do the opposite of what Morrissey advocated, such as eating meat because Morrissey was a vegetarian. This kind of tit-for-tat exchange underscored the deep-seated animosity between the two musicians.

However, in recent years, Morrissey has shown some regret over the feud. In an interview on Morrissey Central, he reflected on his past comments about Robert Smith and acknowledged them as a mistake, attributing them to his younger self’s attitude and even jokingly blaming Tourette’s syndrome for his past remarks.

Robert Smith, on his part, seemed indifferent to the long-standing feud. In a discussion with NME, he mentioned that he was aware of Morrissey’s comments but had never really understood the reason behind their conflict. He suggested that the feud was not a significant concern for him, especially in recent years.

Despite these reflections and a semblance of regret, there has been no direct reconciliation between the two musicians. The possibility of them becoming friends seems remote, reflecting the complex dynamics and enduring nature of their decades-long disagreement.

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