Mötley Crüe Lose Battle in Ongoing War With Mick Mars

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The ongoing legal skirmish between Motley Crue and their ex-guitarist Mick Mars took another turn when a Los Angeles court ruled against the band.

Mick Mars, who exited the band, accused his former mates of financially undercutting him, sparking a legal feud since April.

The court found Motley Crue guilty of delaying the handover of essential documents to Mars, despite repeated requests from his side. Judge James C. Chalfant emphasized that Mars had to resort to legal action to obtain the documents, stating, “The requests were not burdensome… Mars is entitled to attorney fees.”

He also pointed out the band’s contradictory behavior of providing an additional 1,372 pages of documents after claiming to have delivered all necessary records to Mars in November.

Even though the legal scuffle is far from over, with the core issue of Mars’ abrupt departure set for a private arbitration, both parties are declaring a win following the ruling.

Mars’ lawyer, Ed McPherson, expressed relief, indicating that the judgment was a blow to Motley Crue’s alleged bullying tactics. He noted, “This is someone finally telling Mick, ‘No, you’re not crazy. These guys are bullying you. And we’re not going to let it happen.’”

Contrastingly, Motley Crue’s legal team focused on the dismissal of Mars’ additional legal actions as “moot” by Judge Chalfant.

They asserted the case’s closure, emphasizing the band’s compliance in providing more documents than legally required and viewing the court’s decision as an affirmation of their cooperative stance.

As the legal tides continue to ebb and flow, the true resolution of this rock ‘n’ roll legal drama awaits future legal proceedings.

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