Neal Schon Says Arnel Pineda Is ‘Nobody’ Without JOURNEY

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In the midst of ongoing tensions within the iconic rock band Journey, lead guitarist Neal Schon has taken to Twitter to address rumors about potential changes in the band’s lineup. These rumors center around the speculated departure of band members Arnel Pineda and Jonathan Cain after their current tour.

The backdrop of this situation involves a legal battle between Schon and Cain, stemming from disagreements over the handling of the band’s finances through a company called Nomota.

Schon’s lawsuit against Cain accused him of secretive financial actions, including setting up an American Express card without Schon’s knowledge. Cain retaliated with counter-accusations, pointing to Schon’s extravagant spending habits.

Adding to the band’s internal strife, Pineda found himself at odds with Schon following comments made by Schon’s wife, Michaele, on social media. Michaele’s statements, which emphasized the importance of spirituality and the band’s hierarchy, prompted a sharp response from Pineda, who expressed his willingness to leave the band if necessary.

Despite these challenges, Schon has publicly maintained a positive outlook on Journey’s future. In response to fan inquiries about the possible exit of Pineda and Cain, he expressed confidence that such departures were unlikely. He acknowledged the drama surrounding the band members but criticized them as “narcissists and pathological liars,” suggesting their potential departure could be beneficial.

Conversely, fans have pointed out the significant contributions of Pineda and Cain, noting that much of Journey’s current tour setlist was created or co-written by them and former member Steve Perry. In response, Schon acknowledged their contributions but attributed their success to their association with Journey.

Amidst these public exchanges, Pineda reiterated his stance, emphasizing his readiness to leave if the band desired so. Schon later clarified his remarks, asserting his respect for Pineda’s talent and suggesting that Pineda’s success was amplified by his association with Journey.

In a complex web of legal disputes, public statements, and fan interactions, the future dynamics within Journey remain a topic of speculation and interest among their fanbase and the broader music community.

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