Nick Mason Reveals Surprising Fact About Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’ Album

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In a recent interview on Australia’s “The Project,” Nick Mason delved into Pink Floyd’s lesser-known era with his band, Saucerful of Secrets.

When questioned whether his concertgoers were die-hard Pink Floyd enthusiasts since they didn’t showcase the band’s classical hits, Mason responded, “I think there’s intrigue in realizing Pink Floyd produced seven or eight albums before ‘Dark Side.’ It’s fascinating how our early work evolved into our later albums.”

Mason also reflected on the era of the band that didn’t gain as much limelight. He said, “After a mega-hit album, that usually becomes your identity. But there’s great music from that overlooked phase. ‘Echoes,’ for example, was an indicator of the direction we were headed.”

When discussing life before and after ‘Dark Side,’ Mason said, “It doesn’t alter who you are, but it changes how you function. With Saucerful, I felt a sense of nostalgia. Our debut at Dingwalls took me back to 1967. It felt familiar, like playing amidst friends and truly enjoying the moment.”

In an earlier chat with the Sydney Morning Herald, Mason mentioned that he chooses not to play Pink Floyd’s iconic tracks with his band because many others already do. Instead, he’s more focused on performing early Pink Floyd numbers. He elaborated, “It’s not just the songs but the way they were presented. The debut night with this new band, in an intimate venue, where the audience was up close, was reminiscent of our earlier days. Back then, the band was close-knit on stage, giving us the freedom to experiment with the music rather than sticking strictly to the recording.”

Currently, Mason is on an Australian tour with Saucerful of Secrets, with shows spanning from September 16 to September 25.

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