Noah Weiland Banned From Father Scott Weiland’s Social Media Account

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Noah Weiland is apparently banned from accessing his late father Scott Weiland’s social media account.

In an Instagram story celebrating Father’s Day, Noah expressed his frustration about being unable to tag his father’s account:

“Happy Father’s Day dad… I’d tag you but unfortunately I’m not even allowed to tag my own father on social media anymore!”

He followed up with a screenshot of his father’s account and added:

“Whoever runs this account can f*ck themselves, wanna unfollow me from my own father’s account?”

Noah’s frustration grew, leading him to post another story where he flipped off those managing the account. He emphasized that he never sought financial gain from his father:

“Literally all I do is make music, stay sober, hit the beach & mind my own business these days and people that I could care less about always wanna pop up or get in the way of things. I wouldn’t even say anything negative about anyone if people would just leave me the f*ck alone. But unfollowing me from my own dad’s Instagram account when I’m literally the only person actually trying to do something for him is some BS man. The only person who can truly say they never wanted a penny from him & just to feel closer that’s it, is ME… Jeez.”

Weiland’s Financial Troubles

Noah’s recent outburst came six months after revealing the extent of his father’s financial issues. Reports indicated that Scott Weiland was deeply in debt at the time of his death. The IRS had filed a tax lien against him for unpaid federal income taxes from 2012 to 2014, and his ex-wife, Jamie Weiland, confirmed he had substantial debt when he passed away.

Scott Under Attack by His Father’s Team

A few months after Noah’s initial comments, he disclosed being blackmailed over an old song featuring his father’s vocals. Noah shared a screenshot of the song he released on YouTube along with a threatening message he received. He wrote in the caption:

“Can’t believe I’m saying this right now but basically I’ve been getting blackmailed by a random number that somehow has a very old version of a song I have with my father. And because of that, I am basically forced to release a song I had no intentions of releasing until way further into my career cause this coward really thinks I’m about to send them $2k to not leak it.”

Noah and Lou Reed’s son Spencer Carr Reed worked on modernizing one of Scott Weiland’s unreleased songs. Noah accused his father’s team of not bothering to release any unheard music to honor his memory, so he took it upon himself.

Days after releasing the song, Noah claimed that his father’s team was attempting to take it down. He took to Instagram to explain the situation:

“30k on YouTube within the first 2 days. Out on all platforms now. And that’s all while being blackballed from the industry (my old band), my dad’s ‘team’ trying to report the song & get it taken down, no label & mgmt, dropped randomly with no promo/press & definitely no money backing me.”

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